Improve School-Home Communication

Parents and Students are often just as hungry for information as teachers and administrative staff. Providing that information automatically not only makes your stakeholders happy, but it reduces the administrative burden inherent in exception-based, manual communication throughout your district. eSD provides multiple, integrated, and convenient channels for delivering information to, and facilitating communication with, parents and students.

  • Parent and Student Portal. Practically any type of information that a student or parent might be interested in can be made available via the Portals. Districts remain in complete control of what they allow parents and students to see, as the full array of available information can be customized by building and grade level.
  • Mobile. Effortlessly provide parents, students and staff with the information and capabilities they need, with no app installation required. Read more about eSD Mobile.
  • Teacher Connect Messages. In addition to being convenient, delivering information and enabling person-to-person communication through eSD is always secure. As with all eSD data exchanges, communication among teachers, students and parents is encrypted (unlike email).

Student profile in the Parent Portal

Parents love eSD’s Portal!