Student Data Management

Student Data Management

eSD was originally created to provide a better solution to districts’ student data management needs. Over time the system has evolved, reflecting new needs and ideas that our customers continue to bring to us. Our solid foundation allows us to add new capabilities without compromise, while retaining the accuracy and integrity of your data.

  • Data elements are automatically updated based on state requirements and timelines.
  • Data elements necessary for state reporting are required fields within eSD.
  • Funding Source, Disability Codes, Program Services, Entry/Exit Reasons that are mapped to state codes are identified by a state icon, and users are prevented from editing or deleting these codes.
  • Front-end data validation and accurate code mapping ensure successful extracts.
  • Sensitive fields like Race, Dominant Language and Household Language may only be populated with state recognized options.
  • Withdraw/Transfer reasons are updated automatically to reflect the state code and description, as well as indicate graduation reason.

Designed from the ground up to be at home on the web, eSD can easily accommodate the largest districts from a technology performance perspective. Similarly, eSD can be configured to adapt to your processes, rather than vice versa. At the same time, we continue to design the system for ease of use to ensure that users at all levels of technical proficiency can use the system effectively.


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