Powerful and Convenient Scheduling

Most student systems can “handle” scheduling, but our customers who have experience using other products tell us that eSD is hands-down the best scheduling system they’ve ever used. Whether you’re involved in building the master schedule or scheduling students into classes one at a time, we guarantee that you’ll be exceptionally pleased with the extras eSD has to offer you.

Walk In Scheduler
  • Student Scheduling (Walk-in scheduling). Let’s assume the master schedule has already been built and a student just transferred into your district. Some users prefer to add classes one at time. For them, we make it easy to select from a drop-down, or to just start typing the course name or number. We show all available sections along with the number of seat available in each section.
  • Copy schedules. Other users prefer to build a schedule that mimics another student’s schedule. eSD provides a copy schedule feature that gets the job done in seconds.
  • Re-schedule returning students. For districts with a high transiency rate, it is not unusual for students to transfer in and out of the district several times per year. In one click, eSD allows you to re-schedule returning students into the same sections they were assigned to earlier in the year. And oh, by the way, grading and attendance history can be instantly restored as part of the process!
  • Auto-schedule. Sometimes, you want the system to schedule the student using the same powerful algorithm that is used during the scheduling process. The eSD Auto-schedule feature does just that, while also allowing you to control the results based on your gut instinct. You can lock in certain classes and let the system fill around them, or let the system build the complete schedule. The choice is yours.
  • Printing Student Schedules. Regardless of the method you choose to schedule students, you can easily print the student schedule as a matrix or grid style, by day or by semester. For your convenience, you can also choose to include student locker, locker combo, team/location code, guardian info, etc.
  • Intuitive display. Whenever student schedules are viewed, the class in session at that moment is highlighted.
  • Course Requests. eSD’s unique approach to managing course requests allows districts to achieve efficiencies beyond what they have imagined. Course requests entered by teachers, students, parents and support staff are considered “unapproved” until reviewed and approved by a guidance counselor. Counselors can easily see when (and by whom) each request was initiated so they can make an informed decision before overriding any requests or teacher recommendations. This approach gives everyone a voice, reduces data-entry, and empowers counselors to make decisions that are in the students’ best interest.
Parent Course Request
  • Mass Course Request and Course Groups. Even if you prefer a more traditional approach to entering course requests, eSD provides tools to help make that process more efficient. Mass assignment of course requests, based on students’ current grade level, current course offerings, program, etc., is supported, even for students moving from one building to another. In addition, schools can define course groups, for example “6th Grade Core”, so whenever they select the course group, all of the individual courses will automatically be added.
  • Course Request Tallies. eSD provides numerous course request reports and tallies. Whether you want to send a letter home to parents, review requests by student/total credits/course type/course/staff, show duplicates, or need to support a board request to justify staffing needs, eSD has what you need.
  • Building the Master Schedule. eSD supports teaming, linking, weighting, balancing, staff contract constraints and more. Some schools prefer to schedule all grades at once, while others prefer to use a layered approach by scheduling singletons and/or doubletons first, then building around that framework. Some choose to schedule by department or by grade levels, or specific course combinations. No matter which approach you decide to take, eSD can guarantee that, once again, you’ll be exceptionally pleased with the options available and the results achieved.Once course request tallies are finalized and you’ve received department input regarding sections and constraints, you have several options:
    • Copy the entire Master Schedule from a prior year
    • Copy just the Course Catalogue from a prior year
    • Manually create the Master Schedule
    • Let the eSD Builder create the Master Schedule

eSD offers several powerful planning tools such as the Potential Conflict Matrix and the Pre-Schedule Edit Report. The Red Light/Green Light report even identifies potential problem areas before each scheduling run. The eSD Magnet Board provides a color-coded visual representation of your Master Schedule, which can be sliced and diced in more ways than you can probably imagine. All of these reports provide extensive filtering and interactive drill-down capabilities, allowing you to make necessary adjustments directly from the report interface.

The scheduling algorithm yields the best possible results in record time. Not sure if you want to finalize your schedule? No problem, eSD allows you to store up to 10 scheduling runs which you can refer back to at any time.

Drag & Drop Scheduler