Provide Data On The Go With eSD Mobile

We don’t need tell you how pervasive mobile computing has become. Parents, staff and students expect to be able to use their iOS and Android devices to interact and communicate almost constantly. Providing a first-class mobile experience for your district’s stakeholders is key to engaging everyone and maintaining a positive image.

eSD Mobile allows teachers, parents and students to access data from eSD and perform many common functions from their mobile devices.

With eSD Mobile*

Teachers can:

  • Access their schedules by day, week, or semester.
  • Take attendance and enter assignment grades.
  • Access students’ information including attendance, contacts, grades, lockers, and schedules.

Parents can:

  • Access vital information about their children using only a browser-equipped mobile device.
  • View school and district announcements.
  • Update their email, username and password.

Students can:

  • Stay up to date on their own progress in real time.
  • View their grades, attendance, report cards, progress reports, transcripts and other academic information.
  • Submit course requests.
  • Check their schedule.
  • View their bus information.

Administrators can:

  • Perform all of the functions that teachers can, for all students in their building.

*Access to all eSD Mobile functions is controlled by your district