Early Warning System With Graduation Maps

GradMap_P2Traditional early warning systems are generally limited in their effectiveness because they lack flexibility that districts and schools need to easily define criteria for creating warnings and alerts that meet the diverse profiles of their students. Additionally, many systems that provide advance warning functionality are standalone products that must be purchased and maintained separately from your Student Information System.

eSD includes a powerful, configurable and comprehensive Early Warning and Reporting System that enables administrators, counselors and teachers to be proactively alerted when groups of students are at risk of missing definable expectations in academic, attendance and discipline categories.

The Graduation Maps feature of the eSD Early Warning and Reporting System allows administrators to define district-specific graduation prerequisites (including course, credit, and assessment requirements) for each offered diploma type. Each student’s progress is displayed within the Student Profile, providing counselors and administrators with an overview of the student’s academic history as well as outstanding requirements.

In addition to an integrated view of early warning and graduation indicators contained within each student’s profile, the eSD Early Warning and Reporting System makes aggregate reporting for all students or selectable subsets easy.