Data Your Way

Many web-based student systems cordon data behind a restrictive curtain, making it relatively difficult to move data in and out.

eSD is a pure web-based system that has been designed to allow you to easily get Data Your Way.

Data Snapshots


Do you or your district’s technical team ever wish you could have an on-premise copy of your student data? eSD’s Data Snapshot Service allows districts to do just that. eSD remains hosted on the web while you can easily obtain an essential copy of your database every day. This puts you in full control of anything you might wish to do with your own data, including developing sophisticated custom reports and automating various processes. Snapshot databases are provided in a Microsoft Access format. We also offer an additional cost service that automatically retrieves a copy of your database daily in either Access or SQL Server format.



eSD includes a powerful set of tools that enable users who have varying levels of reporting needs to easily get the information they need from the system.

Data Tables
  • Standard Reports. For many users, the standard set of reports for each module provides all of the information they’ll ever need. Almost all reports allow searching by common parameters. Once a user has run a report that meets their needs, they can easily export to common formats like Word, Excel, CSV and PDF.
  • Custom Reports. For users that need to create a custom dataset based on a defined set of fields including grade level, student status, special education, meal status, program participation and/or funding source, eSD provides a powerful Custom Report builder. Once users build a precise query to meet their needs using a simple point and click interface, they can easily save queries for future use. Custom Reports also support user defined fields for even greater flexibility in tracking and reporting. For additional convenience, users may add filters and boolean logic dynamically to a Custom Report when the dataset is being displayed without having to rework their original query. Custom Reports can be exported to CSV, Excel and PDF formats.
  • Data Tables. At the next level up in terms of power and sophistication, while still maintaining ease of use, the Data Tables feature enables users to analyze student data from a variety of domains, including student demographics, class enrollments, grades, attendance, staff associations, school enrollment, assessments, household, contacts, transportation, status, group participation and others. Users simply select the fields that they are interested in across the available data domains and the system automatically “joins” the data, no SQL required! Results are displayed in a dynamic grid that supports point-and-click sorting, column selection/de-selection, free text filtering, summarization functions (MAX, MIN and COUNT), and basic “pivot” functionality. Combined, these functions allow users to easily create custom reports, including analysis and summarization, with Data Tables. Once a Data Tables report has been created, it can be saved for easy re-use.


Assessments and Analysis Cube

Analysis Cube

eSD allows users to define and import high stakes assessment results into the system. This provides authorized users with even more insight on student achievement based on assessment results from a variety of sources. Administrator may define assessments, mass update assessments, set restrictions on score types, account for test accommodations and import student assessment data (including multiple components) from a file. eSD also offers an assessment import service (for a nominal additional charge) that can retrieve and import assessment results automatically from a data warehouse. Once assessment data is loaded, it can be viewed by authorized users from the Student Profile. Power users can take advantage of the Analysis Cube feature to conduct complex analysis of longitudinal student assessment data by subject, grade, demographics, and more.


Ultimate Interoperability

eSD supports a variety of general purpose and partner-specific integrations that give you Ultimate Interoperability, and a better overall experience in exchanging student data (and other types of data) than any other system.

  • General interoperability capabilities. For third party vendors that wish to integrate with eSD by securely retrieving data on demand using web services, we provide the eSD Basic SOAP API. We also enable third party systems to implement live integrations with our Student and Parent Portals using the eSD Portal Integration API.
  • SIF Certified. SIF is a powerful tool for connecting data systems in schools. eSchoolData supports the goals of open interoperability among applications to simplify data management. eSD is Certified for Version 2.x of the SIF Implementation Specification.
  • Partner-specific integrations. We have developed great relationships and exciting live integration capabilities with multiple assessment, IEP and document management vendors. Our partner integrations maximize convenience for end-users by presenting information from third-party systems dynamically within the eSD user interface.