Managing Data at BOCES

We understand that the needs of BOCES are different than a typical district. Using eSD as the underlying system, we developed eSD BOCES Edition in collaboration with our customers and partners to address the specific needs of BOCES.

State Reporting. State Reporting is different for BOCES and we clearly understand that. We do the heavy lifting for you by understanding BOCES state reporting requirements and building them into eSD BOCES Edition.

BOCES Portal. Processing incoming applications and managing data entry into BOCES systems can be a time consuming affair for BOCES staff. The BOCES Portal, a fundamental component of eSD BOCES Edition, allows home-district counselors (and even parents and students) to submit applications to BOCES programs. Applications and demographic data automatically flow from customizable BOCES Portal forms into course requests, streamlining processing, acceptance, scheduling and demographic data entry.

Data Integration. eSD BOCES Edition supports multiple mechanisms to ensure that data stay in sync with changes in home-district systems, further reducing the burden on BOCES staff to maintain quality data.

BOCES custom form design

Streamline the BOCES program application process with custom registration forms