Each district is unique.

Given the diversity of local communities and the participants and stakeholders in education, each district must smartly employ its available resources to solve for particular challenges and excel in its one of a kind opportunities.

A partnership with eSchoolData can provide your district with unique advantages, including a comprehensive set of student data solutions that can be tailored to your district’s needs. As a company, we are committed to providing solutions that enable teachers, students, administrators and the entire learning community to excel.

The most valuable resource: data.

The eSD student information system is the cornerstone of one of your district’s most valuable resources, its data. eSD’s robust design and ease of use securely enables all users to smoothly accomplish their regular tasks, while also offering the insight and information needed to solve tough problems.

This section highlights some of eSD’s most powerful capabilities. All of these solutions (except for eSD BOCES Edition) are included with our standard licensing.

Don’t settle for a system or partner that does less– you can have easy, comprehensive and integrated, all in one package!

Data Your Way

Easily getting data in and out of the system.

Student Data Management

Continually meeting your data management needs.


Schedule precisely, accurately and conveniently.

Boost Classroom Productivity

Give teachers the best possible classroom tools.

Early Warning System

Don't react. Plan and act to help all students achieve.

Improve School-Home Communication

Revolutionize communication with parents & students.

eSD Mobile

Provide your stakeholders with data anytime, anywhere.

State Reporting

We do the state reporting heavy lifting for you.

BOCES Edition

eSD BOCES Edition makes state reporting and home district integration a snap.