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Welcome to Release 6.5!

Second Place: Pam Chiera

Welcome to eSD 6.5! This release includes a number of new features that are designed to simplify Gradebook management, report student health screening results, enhance the locker assignment process, and more. Daily Score Details allow teachers to easily review, update, and communicate student performance. Student Health Screening Reports provide health administrators and nurses with all student results by screening type. GURU Locker Import Tool enhances […]

Welcome to Release 6.4!

Second Place: Fiona Wikstrom

Welcome to eSD 6.4! This release includes a number of new features that are designed to record and track student health conditions, synchronize data with third party products, improve the course catalog management process, and more. Student Restrictions allow health administrators to easily record and track restrictions for their student population. Subject Common Filter customizes zap outputs to meet the data synchronization needs of each individual district […]

Welcome to Release 6.3!

Honorable Mention: Jason Umlah

Welcome to eSD 6.3! This release includes a number of new features that are designed to capture and track screening requirements, share student homeroom details, enhance attendance-related communication, and more. Health Screening Enhancements allow staff to easily document and track lice screenings for their student population. Student Homeroom Information can be automatically updated and shared with staff and third party vendors. Attendance Letter Builder Enhancements provide […]