Enabling Everyone to Unleash the Power of Data!

Data is both everywhere and constantly changing. Unfortunately, keeping up with the potential deluge of available data and putting it to good use remain huge challenges for most people.

GURUBoard® is a new product that eSchoolData has developed to enable everyone to be a true “guru” within their given role. GURUBoard® both simplifies the day-to-day tasks of users, and empowers them with data by presenting it in an interactive, graphical style. With the increasingly high stakes in K-12 education, it has never been more important for individuals within districts and schools to be able to use and apply data simply and effectively.

For Administrators

Your current Student Information System probably does an acceptable job of providing the basic reports that you need. GURUBoard® provides insight at a higher level.

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For Counselors

Quickly get the most important facts about students, including a profile of their overall academic standing, a summary of their achievements, and identification of their aptitudes.

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For Teachers

Easily access information to get a summative perspective of an entire class, or drill-in to understand the individual needs of students. GURUBoards® do the number crunching for you.

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