The Western NY round of the second annual eSchoolData Login Page Art Contest was a resounding success. The contest runs regionally in NY over the course of the school year, to promote as much student participation as possible. The Western NY contest round was held last, following the Northeastern NY, Hudson Valley, and New York City/Long Island contest rounds.

Participating Western NY districts’ entries were accepted from April through June 2016. After careful consideration, the voting committee selected the First, Second and Third Place winners below:

First Place – Rachael Derby (Hammondsport Central School District)
Second Place – Jessica Whalen (Gowanda Central School District)
Third Place – Gabriel Barone (Hammondsport Central School District)

The following students were awarded Honorable Mention:

Mercedes Boutelle (Gowanda Central School District)
Mayson Phillips (Gowanda Central School District)

Contestants are required to submit works of art that focused on a specific theme relative to current educational topics. This year’s theme is Art in STEM, and challenges students to illustrate how Art is integral to the STEM subjects: how the principles and aesthetics of Art are incorporated into and reflected in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The first place winner’s entry will appear as the background image on the eSchoolData login page (, and the eSD Parent Portal and Student Portal login pages, with the release of version 5.2 during the 2016-17 school year. All winning submissions are published on the eSchoolData website (

eSD created the art contest as a unique way to give back to school districts and the surrounding community, by promoting local art and providing monetary awards for the winning entries. It also helps students build up their art portfolio, and allows the winners to claim publishing credit for their work when applying to art schools after graduation.

1-RDerby-Login Image

First Place: Rachael Derby


2-JWhalen-Login Image

Second Place: Jessica Whalen


Third Place: Gabriel Barone

Third Place: Gabriel Barone